Khaing Lay [Collection]

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၀၁ Friday Night [Ft. Shine Lay] Download
၀၂ ျမွားနတ္ေမာင္ [Ft. Mi Noe] Download
၀၃ ​I Don’t Care [Ft. Zay Ye’] Download
၀၄ နင္သိလာမယ္ [Ft. Shine Lay] Download
၀၅ You Are My Life [Ft. Wi Ya & TG] Download
၀၆ Good Luck [Ft. Mi Noe] Download
၀၇ မင္းနဲ႔ထာဝရ [Ft. Shine Lay & Paing Soe] Download
၀၈ မရွဳပ္ဘူး၊ မယုံဘူး [Ft. Paing Soe] Download
၀၉ နင္မရွိလဲ [Ft. Mi Noe] Download
၁၀ You Are My Queen [Ft. Wi Ya] Download
၁၁ Come Back [Ft. Shine Lay] Download
၁၂ ​Par Rarara Bom [Ft. Shine Lay & Little Hein] Download

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Credit – Bro! Paing Soe

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