Pandora Sale has launched inside the given symbol

Pandora biggest broad ipo boom since 2000

Ohio pandora media inc, the net radio company, gained on its first day of trading as investors raced to take advantage of the biggest surge in internet share sales since the dot com boom a decade ago.

The contra costa, calif.Based company leapt as much as 63 percent to $26 after its debut on the lse, inside the given symbol p.

It made available 14.7 million shares a day ago at $16 apiece, Building $234.9 million in its initial public giving out.That was above the top quality of $10 to $12.

Investors are flocking to technology ipos after personal networking website linkedin corp.And as well as yand additionallyex nv, operator of russia biggest search engine website, provided first day gains having a minimum of 55 percent last month.

Pandora was especially alluring after it sold just about 9.2 percent of its shares distinctive, Balanced with an Cheap Pandora Charms average float of 24 percent for US technology IPOs in the past year.

A small Pandora Charms UK with in a hot industry, shown josef schuster, head honcho of chicago based ipox schuster llc, which runs about $2.5 million and bought Pandora shares.Makes it very easy to put a stock.

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