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When pandora was sued for alleged privacy missteps following facebook intergrated, it was subject news, with one report saying the www radio company had stumbled”Into the minefield of privacy lawsuits that are blowing up in your tech industry, even the ftc was dragged in.

But that minefield was obviously a dud:Analysis court has now tossed out the lawsuit, lording it over that no”Actual accidental overuse incident”Was caused by the april 2010 alliance between facebook and pandora that allowed users to tie their accounts together.

The suit claimed infractions of an obscure pre internet era michigan law, which says a small business”Booking or lending”Sound recordings may not disclose information about customers’ transactions without their written permission.That specifies $5, 000 penalty per breach, the possible damages could total in the tens of billions far just above pandora’s actual $1.8 billion market capital.District judge saundra armstrong in northern a bunch of states didn’t buy it.The 1988 state privacy law may not permit a class action”By an individual who has not suffered actual loss”Or pain, she wrote in a feeling on friday. “Had the michigan legislature designed to provide such a remedy, it plainly could done so,

An additional hurdle, armstrong pointed out, was that pandora wasn’t in point of fact”Hiring or lending”Songs.She understood: “Pandora argues that it merely streamed music to complaintant’s computer, and consequently, wouldn’t be able to have violated(Family and divorce laws)The Pandora Charms UK idea never rented, given, or sent sound recordings to him.Legal court agrees,

The multibillion dollar hp was filed by edelson mcguire, a plaintiff’s law firm dedicated class actions, with agencies in chicago, denver colorado, and lots of states.Edelson mcguire doesn’t affect have offices in michigan, but it did manage to get a michigan resident, bob deacon, who was willing to lend his name to plastic ban lawsuit alleging that”Pandora has willfully dishonored its users’ privacy rights”Generating a”Reckless decision to disclose these details,

The purportedly”Dangerous”Move happened when facebook allowed pandora intergrated, two years ago.Here’s how a cnet article described the at the time:

At this time, if you go to pandora and choose”Pals music, it will ask to be able to connect your pandora and facebook profiles.Enter your facebook details, and all of a sudden, all your facebook friends will be imported included with the pandora app.You can see what they are listening to on pandora recently, and click on on embedded links to import their stations into your own pandora player.

What the class action bar had hoped to rely on was michigan’s antediluvian privacy law known as the video rental privacy act(Vrpa), Which was intended to target behaving inappropriately VHS, CD, And audiocassette rental retail outlets.It says that even voluntary informed consent is inferior.

In a bizarre twist that shows the michigan legislature in 1988 immediately did not envision online streaming, vrpa(Ensnared netflix and is the topic of a current legislative effort to bring it into the 21st century.

That did not stop edelson mcguire from filing the lawsuit, which asked for lawyer’s fees, a recent injunction, as well as”Governmental damages of $5, 000 per class and subclass representative”A description that sweeps in”All michigan inhabitants”Who used pandora’s service.

In its sept 2011 complaint, edelson mcguire didn’t offer an estimate of how many people which includes, or the total that pandora it is fair to pay.But about half of visitors use pandora, and michigan has about 10 million people, so a good upper bound would be five million class members, or an impressive total of $25 billion dollars.

To put that figure in point of view, it’s bigger than the combined economic annual output of the nations of monaco, cambodia, as well as bahamas.

In an august 2010 writing, the middle for democracy and technology said that it wasn’t delighted with pandora’s”Difficult”Initial facebook is intergrated.Nonetheless, the firm said, the modified”Privacy interface is a great way to inform users about how their data may be shared and to give them a real choice about whether to share or not,

Judge armstrong did say that edelson mcguire could refile its case if it wished, but she indicated it would be a losing task: “Though it is questionable whether plaintiff can allege the requisite facts to establish a claim under the vrpa.Legal court, out of a great deal of caution, will permit him a chance to attempt to do so,

Armstrong also dismissed edelson mcguire’s separate accusations that pandora violated the michigan consumer protection act, saying the belief that nobody”Had actual damages”Means situation can’t continue.

Pandora did not respond to a request for comment from cnet today.The writer edelson, an attorney at law at edelson mcguire, explained, around the, he hasn’t deserted: “We’re considering the court’s order and will be making the decision shortly on whether to amend or appeal,

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